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Our 3D printed insoles can be integrated into your workflow in many different ways. After you have taken the medical history and recorded all the required data as usual, the next step is to send the insole data to us.

Data transmission and configuration

In our online configuration portal, you have two options to configure the inlays in order to order them afterwards. Either you configure the inlays via the configurator, or you upload your STL file and add the required inlays and stiffeners there.

The 3D printing

We currently offer various options for 3D printing.

The test phase: You want to get to know our insoles and the processes better? Then our 6-week test phase is just right for you. During the test phase, you will receive access to our configuration portal and can configure and order five individual pairs of insoles per week for six weeks. We print the insoles, send them to you and you can then obtain the insoles yourself according to your wishes.

Druckservice und Kapazitätsmiete: Sie wollen, dass wir den Druck direkt für Sie übernehmen? Hier können Sie wählen zwischen unserem Druckservice oder einer Kapazitätsmiete. Sowohl im Druckservice als auch bei einer Kapazitätsmiete erhalten Sie Zugang zu unserem Konfigurationsportal um die Einlagen zu konfigurieren und zu bestellen. Im Druckservice können Sie je nach Bedarf individuelle Einlagen bestellen. In der Kapazitätsmiete / Druckservice Flat wird ein wöchentlich abrufbares Kontingent von 10, 15 oder 20 Paar Einlagen für Sie eingeplant, dies entspricht 40, 60 bzw. 80 Paar im Monat. In beiden Fällen drucken wir für Sie die Einlagen, senden Ihnen diese zu und Sie können die Einlagen bei sich vor Ort beziehen.

The printer purchase: You want to print yourself with you? Then you can of course buy our 3D printers TRILAYER from us. Our TRILAYER are FDM printers, which we have developed especially for multi-material printing. The special thing about it? You can print with different materials, combine different shore hardnesses, and imprint stiffeners and reliefs directly into the inserts. Our printers are also modular. This enables us to assemble the printers exactly according to your company's requirements and to offer retrofits in the future as demand increases.

You decide which work steps we take over for you and which remain in your hands. This way, you retain full control and can optimally integrate our solutions into your existing workflows.

Good to know: You will receive your printed, uncovered insoles with integrated padding and stiffeners from us by mail. You can then cover the insoles yourself according to the customer's wishes by roughening and conventional gluing methods. By the way, our 3D-printed orthopedic insoles can even be ground as usual.

Our workflows