Minimum input, maximum output

Getting started with 3D inlay printing has never been easier. We offer printers for inserts for capacity rental or purchase and work with you to develop a concept that gets the best for your business, your employees and your customers.

Insoles from the 3D printer: individual, cost-saving, fast and quiet.

Advantages 3D printing


  • Material testing by PFI
  • Wide range of different Shore hardnesses can be realized
  • Wide range of colors


  • Own logo on the
    insert possible
  • Removal-resistant labeling fully customizable and reliably documented according to MDR


  • Cost savings in material, energy and working time
  • No need to stock different blanks
  • Digital catalog for inlay blanks
  • Lower energy consumption than with
    conventional manufacturing methods

Job quality

  • Less dust exposure
  • Significantly quieter than conventional manufacturing processes such as milling, grinding, etc.
  • Less waste due to almost complete material utilization

Get started with our capacity rental and enjoy all the benefits of print services. Lower printing costs with the greatest possible flexibility.